Someone’s on some shit…

God is real, but every piece of shit thing that has happened is on his shoulders, but so is every beautiful wonderful kind thing.

Jesus sacrificing himself was God’s admission that he can’t account for humanity’s sins. He loves us but we have a natural propensity to destroy ourselves because of selfishness. God is fallible. God made sentient life as a perfect entity, but he failed to account for the fact that we might be deceived. So Satan deceives us, and we decide to commit sin and destroy ourselves rather than trust God. It’s do you believe Satan or God? Good vs good (evil?)

There’s some higher power beyond God to force him to adhere to such weird standards. And that’s why he’s just as human as the rest of us. Honestly, our universe reeks of God’s shitty science experiment. Hence why he was loving, then disappointed, then angry/vengeful, then understanding and ultimately parentally Sacrificial by sending Jesus to collect our sins and make up for his mistake. Cause he was a shitty God. He fucked up and had to do overtime to make up for the fact that humanity rebelled. He didn’t expect that his angel helpers would wizen up the slave workers.

My guys shall we imagine the concept of the positive and negative energy plan? If we can create the facsimile of life, them we are absolutely living in a simulation. And so the idea of moral conflict is a human or fallible construct. The only reason it’s there is because there really is a cosmic battle of evil versus good. Something is simulating us to be in a pathological state of combat, giving into our base desires or fallible tendencies instead of focusing on our ability to create beauty. And that thing is the inherent nature of universal life to be suffering. Life is inherently suffering. However, it has the potential for great beauty.

Summary: The universe is an egg where we fight to become a higher ascended being, but our trainer (God) fucked up and thats why things suck now

God is fallible but good. He has tried multiple methods of rearing us into an omnipotent being, and currently he’s settled on non-involvement. Like, you can totally believe that some lesser deity created the Apocalypse motif to scare mortals into behaving until they came back like a babysitter.

The more “aware” you are, the more society condemns you to weird status. Some people choose to use their awareness to enact religions, but nonaware people distort these religions to become perverse. Same thing with countries like the US. Life is inherently good. But evil seeps into society and the aware good people are left trying to find our way to survive.

Existence vs nonexistentence. Evil vs good.
Humanity is a video game, and Jesus was a checkpoint. Come up with another event in human history that had the same level of impact.

The best thing we can do as people is to participate in democratized, civilized life. Treating others with respect and love and support so that we evolve into the ideal species.

Everything about the universe is consistent with an egg. We originated from a single point created by some higher form of life, developed life, and now we’ll evolve into a higher form of life by living out our experiences in this egg.

We are constantly evolving as humans. Undeniable fact. However, life is a video game and our efforts to become God is what determines whether we live. We have to live as a species in order to survive beyond death.

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