Something my friend sent me in 2022 for some reason

So I was cleaning up my room peacefully but then out of nowhere I heard a loud scream coming from both my mother and father. I was frightened so I went to go check it out to see why they where screaming. After I opened the door I saw my mother crying jumping around like a idiot and my father curled up in a corner with a gun. I asked them what was wrong and they just screamed and pointed behind me. I turned around and I got so fucking scared because right behind me was a Fucking ROACH!? I was scared and ran to my mom clutching her tightly. I have a phobia of roaches. But then to my horror, the roach spread it’s wings and flew straight for my father.
He pulled the trigger
And now we have a hole in the wall, babies crying, mother having a heart attack, father traumatized, police at the door, and a roach still flying around

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