Fun Fact: That picture they posted up there with Mr. Krabs/Spongebob pointing is from episode S3E7 where the plotline is about filming a commercial for the Krusty Krab. During the episode, Squidward tells Spongebob to bury themselves to ‘help with the commercial.’ We know that Squidward in typical fashion is doing this to get Spongebob out of the way. A ridiculous clash between their different personalities that we as viewers have grown to love. When Mr. Krabs frantically searches for Spongebob he finds his long nose comically sticking out of the ground. After some banter between the three Mr. Krabs goes to grab Spongebob’s long nose and yanks him out of the ground. However, due to an animation error when Spongebob is yanked out one of the frames has his nose completely untouched with Mr. Krabs grabbing a second long nose located on his body except far lower. This looks like he is grabbing Spongebob by his genitals before the rest of the episode moves forward, and the brief animation mishap is passed over.

I can provide a video if necessary.

** Sweet mother of Pearl! Apparently, I may have been bamboozled. If true, now I just have this video on my phone and it is a lie. A complete fucking lie. And I get to be a shitposter? What a sick joke! I never meant to deceive you and to those that I hurt I can’t even begin to express my sorrow. Yet, I have learned from this utter calamity and will be sure to check my sources better for animation-related fun facts. I will treat them with the same scrutiny that I do with animal-related fun facts I post to my profile. I will grow stronger like a wounded Saiyan when it is plot relevant.

I will own up to my sin. My hubris of thinking I could share a funny Spongebob video got the best of me. I was caught up in the sweet melody of your potential laughter. A whisper. To call me a fool would be a kindness I don’t deserve. This truly is an Oedipus Rex Greek tragedy situation. With more tragedies. Except instead of fucking my mom and gouging my own eyes out… I believed a funny Spongebob video and fucked the person who corrected (🤓) me’s mom (as a thank you). I spread lies on the internet, which almost never happens. This madness ends now.

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