Steve Irwin Furry Hunter

Hey guys It’s me Steve Irwin, I have risen back out of hell to hunt some furries. Now what ya gotta do is jam your thumb up their bum, then they’ll get pissed as hell, so you gotta bloody run the fuck outta there. Once the furry has lost sight of you, sneak back up on them, and jam your thumb up their bum, then tackle ’em, then they’ll know who’s dominant. Crikey! Here comes now, It’s one of them ankle biter furries! Alright, so I’m going to sneak up on it, and jam my thumb far up into his thumb. Ah! That bloody mongrel bit me! Fuck me dead, it’s some kind of bloody fucking rat furry, these one’s fight dirty, you gotta grab them by the tail and just swing them around, and then throw ’em, now after they’ll be rightly pissed off, so prepare to run for your fucking life mate! That concludes our furry hunting for today! Catch you later mates!

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