Stupid recess games we played in 7th grade that got us in trouble

This is my first ever Reddit story and I hope this makes you smile, or maybe laugh, as making this story I am still in 7th and this event only started about 2 months ago, but I’ll quit the bullshit and get to the story. So your probably wondering what stupid recess game could get you in trouble? Our game. But what game were we playing? Cops and robbers, or that is what it started as, but soon our dumbass minds and our racist ass mouth, just couldn’t keep a nostalgic game normal, and what did our racist mouths do? WE FUCKING NAMED IT MEXICANS VS TEXANS. Now your wondering how we played fucking “Mexicans vs Texans” well I’ll tell you, Mexicans are the robbers and they start at the field, and there objective is to fucking cross the border which is the fence, the fence is across the field and is higher so you can’t jump over it and your forced to go around it, one way leads you to the black top and the other is the end of the playground and if the Texans catch you, you are forced to sit at the bench and a fellow Mexican has to tag you on the bench and you can run, so for the Mexicans to win, they have to get to the end of the blacktop and climb up these piles of rocks and that’s basically the safe zone so that’s how you win. The Texans role is to keep the Mexicans out and tag them so they can’t cross the border. So now you know everything about the game, and your thinking how racist this game is, but can it get more racist? YES IT FUCKING CAN. How? So basically my friend started yelling border patrol, and I was like why not join in on the fun, so I start yelling trumps wall, this went on for the whole recess, and when recess ended we had a hell of a time, so the next day we played it nothing happened, but the next day which was Friday, we were playing our game, being racist, but the this other kid named “Owen” who I hate starts to be like “ummm 🤓 that’s so racist *nerdy as fuck laugh* I think I’ll tell the teachers 🤓🤓🤓” like this kid is such a snitch and gets no bitches but anyways he tells the teacher, but later that day on the last period of school which is band, me and my friends get pulled out and I damn right now what it is, the vice principal or shit talks to us about the game and he whole time, my dumbass cousin is like trying to snitch on who named the game and me and my friend are shutting his god damn mouth. We all play the whole talk off like we were innocent bystanders. After the talk we yell at my cousin for snitching us out and this kid always follows us everywhere after school even though we tell his to get out because we hate him but anyways, on the way home my uncle drives and my aunt is in the car and she is rambling about the whole game and it’s racist and my uncle is trying not to laugh his ass off, when I get home I hide because I my mom is calling me to come over but I give up and confront. confront to be being a fucking bystander! But yeah on Monday I joke about naming the game to Canadians vs Montanans. But yeah, these are gonna be precious moments that will always stick in my head.

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