Tbh Bronzong is better

Tbh Bronzong is better. BDSP’s Garchomp got Poison Jab to counter fairies, and thanks to that, she doesnt have Flamethrower, so Bronzong cant be hit. Garchomp has Swords Dance (status move), Earthquake (no effect if Bronzong has Levitate, if not its dogshit), Poison Jab (no effect) and Dragon Claw (not very effective). If Bronzong uses Iron Defense till he maxes out the Defense, Garchomp will do an amount of damage that is ridiculously low. And if Garchomp sets up Sword Dance, dont worry because it will still do a low amount of damage. As of how to finish him, i suggest an ice move if Bronzong has any, or just use Toxic/Flash Cannon. I reccomend Bronzong to be EV trained in Sp.Att and Defense. However, if you have a social life, just spam Blizzard with a Snow Warning Abomasnow. Froslass with Ice Beam is good too.

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