The 14 ways to kill 2024 presidential candidate Huhnkie Lee (as described by Huhnkie Lee himself)

~~ seven ways ~~

Seven ways to kill hunki li:

1. Feed hunki with fat and oil and greese so that his heart stops beating.

2. Feed hunki with such much sugar so much so that his pot belly pops like a dangerous balloon.

3. Touch and Tickle battle hunki everywhere with your magic fingers such much so that hunki laughs too much and can’t breathe any more and die of exhaustion and exhales too much oxygen.

4. As an adult single female, you milk hunkie goat and hunki keeps on outputting his male body liquid rapidly and continuously, he dies of dehydration.

5. As an adult single female, you never stops toying hunki all night in bed and hunki runs out of energy and dies from starvation.

6. After you kill hunki li, you bury him in a shallow grave in his backyard.

7. And you poo and pee over hunki’s grave. Hunki hopes you are an adult single female. Hunki is straight and he does not want to see a male person poo or pee over hunki. That’s… Igbt. Be straight please ty

~~ seven more ~~

The more the better?

No, not in this case.

But here are seven more ways to kill hunki li:

8. Give hunki one million dollars and hunki buys one million chinese butter knives in Walmart, a dollar each, dirty deeds done dirt cheap, and he stores one million butter knives in his house such that there is no room for him, so hunki sleeps outside his house and freezes to death.

9. You all leave hunki alone at once and hunki feels so lonely and he tries to lynch himself on a tree with a thin rope made with two- ply toilet paper and the paper breaks, hunki falls from the tree and dies.

10. You say to hunki that hunki is ugly and you inculcate the “ugly hunki li doctrine” into hunki’s tiny little brain and hunki starts to cry and you brainwash hunki more and hunki continues to cry water and hunki dies of dehydration.

11. You chain hunki li in his own basement and you feed hunki with dog food and after a while, hunki starts to bark like a dog and one day hunki barks too much, his vocal cord explodes and hunki lost too much blood and he dies.

12. You are a single adult female and you adopt hunki as a lap cat and you touch hunki cat everywhere with your majestic magic fingers but you Tickle hunki’s no no spot and hunki giggles and too much giggles and hunki runs of oxygen and hunki dies in your arms

13. You are a male and hunki is straight and you want to touch hunki li and hunki runs away from you and there is a river and you keep coming close to hunki and hunki jumps into the river and there is a crocodile and hunki does rear naked choke on the crocodile and crocodile swims away and then hunki li swims across the river and he lands safely and a frog startles hunki and hunki slips on a slippery rock and falls and his head hits the rock and his skull is broken and he dies.

14. After you kill a hunki li this way, hunki li resurrects and live to see another way, for hunki li has more lives than a kkk kute kat, how do you like that?

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