The Escape Goat

I was last night at a party yeah
I’m standing there and all in the suddens, Behind is a large crash sound, ja? And de many beers many beers have explosioned on the flooueh. And de man zthe man he say to me, “Aw man why did you do that?” And everyjan is looking at me, I did n-nothing I was just make a stand here speak to a lady and the lady say to me “ah that is not cool he made you the escape goat.”

The escape goat.

That sounds cool.

I’m an escape goat I like that.

I don’t like normal goats normal goats are b’ steupid they just sit there and they eat the grasses

the hay

They have the hayr that is Brittle and raughff They make nasty cheese I hate goacheese goat cheese is like normal cheese but nasty

Feta is better sorry goass

But I am not a normal goat I am and escape goat

I escape

so iffsehresleigge fire, the goats are like baaaa baaaa it’s hot what uh eh дповоугцзс


Not me

I’m not a roasted luncheon for humans like the stupid goats I’m an escape goat I’ve flown from the fire very quick fssst I’m in another land I’m on the beach reading a boek. Little Women perhaps, ueh?

Oh what if zhere’s like a sunder storm a sunder storm with lighting the goats are like baaa aaahh m baa aaah um дащизкбцбв electricutioned Bye bye goats

Not me not the escape goat

Escape goat has zipped away to a safe and dry house whyiem watching uh h family Feud with and old man

Drinking cocoas

Eh because I’m an escape goat

I em ze shit

y e a h.

Oh wait I have no fingers so iss


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