The hidden potential of chronokinesis.

Just so you know, chronokinesis is when one has the ability to manipulate time. I thought often, long and hard about how powerful chronokinesis can be. First of all, one is obviously able to correct mistakes, de-age/age themselves and other people, and prevent events that would’ve otherwise occurred. Second is where the more unknown potential of time manipulation lies. One may be able to speed up time of objects to the point of decay, where something disassembles on a subatomic level. Or one can do it in reverse for (sort of) the same effect. Lastly, one may be able to manipulate individual particles to move them to where they were in the past or would be in the future. If an experienced time manipulator can pull this off, they can rearrange atoms and alter the density of objects. So one should be able to create a uranium atom from the protons of other atoms. They can also do this multiple times and carefully move the atoms to create a ledge chunk of an element.

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