The youtuber ferry!

So I was on a Ferry BUT it wasn’t like any other ferry! There was YOUTUBERS on it from small youtubers with only 1 subscriber to the big ones like markipleir and t series! And they all got drunk and Stampylongnose of head whater and pokimane got grinded up in the fans that move the ship! WITH Ninja jumping out the water with his Scar eliminating Walter white from Breaking bad! Then Morbius was playing the odd1outs music!

After finding TOP5Gaming passed out on couch with GUS! with the gaming beaver making a dam with the chairs! Mat Pat from Game theory was talking about how much a gold block from minecraft would be in the real world as Nicobbq making some pasta.

Then VSauce said hol up ain’t you nathaniel B? Then Nathaniel Bandy Rose from the all the piss and shit of the front of the ferry and slapped VSauce, Then Vsauce grew claws and he slashed up Nathaniel Bandy just like Freddy Krueger.

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