This is the downfall of this community

Thats not a T shirt you FUCKING IDIOT. I can’t believe it. the downfall of this community is being utterly ignored. We went from actually funny posts that BELONG on reddit with all of the high quality shitposts and preserved dank memes, but now we suffer and Satan roams the earth because these little tiktok kids want to pull up on here and start spewing out garbage memes. These literal cro-magnon troglodytes completely FAIL to understand that making a 20 image slideshow with a punchline “Get it? Because he says the FUNNY THING that I saw on DISCORD” The buildup is worse than awful and the ending makes me want to cry and scream like a little baby because it throws me into such unbearable pain. The fact you even mentioned PRONOUNS in this post just proves that you are completely remedial and institutionalization is the only choice for you to live out the rest of your days in comfort. If you think shit like this is funny you are clearly a danger to yourself and society as a whole. Nothing on this subreddit benefits anybody anymore. I remember the days when this place wasn’t fucking Lucifer’s domain and the Grim Reaper wasn’t watching every post and only letting the shittiest ones pass through to the “afterlife” (Aka the hot page) and all of the good ones are deleted for low quality (EXTREMELY IRONIC) or sent to new where they get 6 likes. I would rather be forced to masturbate for 6 days to LadiesOfBreakingBad and on the sabbath I will be treated to 6th degree burns on my cock. This community isn’t beyond saving but jt sure needs some work, and we need to exterminate the cowardly cretins who post garbage unfunny twitter worthy bottom of the barrel memes.

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