TIFU showering with my dad and my brothers at the gym

I (18m) am the youngest of 3 brothers. My two older brothers are twins in their 20s. Both of them are out of shape, including my dad. I’ve been trying to convince them for years that the 4 of us should team up and go to the gym. None of them paid attention to me, but apparently the key was persistence because recently my dad and my brothers finally agreed to join a gym to shut me up.

Early yesterday morning we were all in the gym, exercising. It was exhausting and exhilarating. It would’ve been the perfect first day at the gym if I allowed it to end there, but I wanted us to have the full gym experience in case none of us decided to come back, so I encouraged my brothers and my dad to bring fresh clothes so we could shower at the gym afterwards and go to work/school feeling fresh as fuck.

When we started undressing in front of each other, I realized I didn’t know what my siblings or my father looked like without any clothes on. Not that I was curious. As soon as we were all completely naked, I noticed the same thing they noticed. All of them had really large penises and I didn’t. I’m as average as they come in the dick department, but compared to them, I might as well have been a naked 3 year old.

Their dicks literally made flopping noises when they walked. Imagine hitting a rubber surface with a moist sock stuffed with other moist socks. That was the sound I heard. Now multiply that by 3 and voila! Cock floppery galore. I never thought I would see penises of that size outside of porn, let alone so close to home. If I was fully erect on my best day, their flaccid dicks would still be much bigger.

I haven’t masturbated since yesterday, which is unheard of. But that is how fucked up I am now. Every time I look at my penis, I wonder what went wrong. Did I inherit my penis size from my mom? Did my dad’s dick DNA find me unworthy of a few more inches when I was conceived? Like, life, what the fuck? Anyway, it’s safe to say I’m never showering with my dad or my brothers again. I’m not even sure if I want to gym with them again. Their gym shorts are the stuff of nightmares to me now.

Tl:dr I finally convinced my dad and my brothers to go to the gym. A decision I instantly regretted when I saw them in the shower afterwards and realized all of them have pornstar penises except me.

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