To Pokimane, My Gamer Queen.

Imane, my love. I hope you hold love for your OG Twitch subscribers. I remember when I first saw you streaming on Twitch, 5 years ago. That day was the best day of my entire life, because I found my one true love. I have been Tier 3 subbed to you ever since. You were such a beautiful woman, the likes of which I had never seen before, alone with 10 viewers. I couldn’t believe that you had only 10 viewers for such an amazing, funny, talented streamer. I hopped into chat, just to see if you were actually good at Fortnite (Some people aren’t, lack of skill), but to my surprise, you were. You hit 90’s like I couldn’t believe. So I sent a message in chat, saying “Hi there”. You responded, saying “Hiii!” in your cute little voice, which still has not changed to this day, even though it’s been 5 years. We immediately hit it off, and I complimented you on your choice of Fortnite skin. Sparkle Specialist. A beautiful skin for a beautiful girl. After we talked for a bit, I subbed to you. My first sub. It was even Twitch Prime 😅. When I heard you speak those magical words, “Thank you for the Prime Sub!” My heart immediately fluttered with some kind of childish joy. I couldn’t stand hearing you get happy over something I did. Every day I would come to your stream, endlessly supporting you. Imane, my gamer queen. Days passed and I asked you if you had a boyfriend, to which you replied “no”. I almost broke my gaming chair as I jumped out of my seat in joy. Imane? My gamer queen? No boyfriend? This must be god finally giving me some luck with women. So, like a good friend I stayed by your side. Eventually you blew up, and you never replied to me anymore. Even though I bought every Pokimane merch you ever dropped. Even though I was your first sub. Even though I was your best friend, and unbeknownst to you at the time, future lover. So, Imane, I beg you to answer me, in my plea of anguish, do you remember me? The gamer king to your gamer queen? <3

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