Today was the worst day of my life

Hey guys it’s Jeremiah here and today it is been like the worst day of my life. Like, first my mom will not take me to Hot Topic and my dad won’t take me to the Fall Out Boy concert this weekend, and my girlfriend broke up with me because I’m not emo enough, and my friend took my MCR CD and he won’t give it back. It’s been such a horrible day like, I really need new skinny jeans, um, Fall Out Boy is my favorite band and can’t go see them, my girlfriend thinks I’m a poser and I’m not a poser, I am a real emo, EMO IS WHO I AM. And my friend took my CD, c’mon dude that ain’t cool! *starts crying* my life is falling apart *cries* Why do *breathes* bad things have to happen to good people *cries* I hate my li-I-ife-e! *cries* I gotta go now bye.

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