unsweetend oats taste like ass

“tasted like ass” ? I mean, I could see it being a little bland ,
especially if you have zero skills at cooking and you have desensitized
the shit out of your taste buds with garbage food and beverages. but
tasting like ass, that is alarming. the only way to make any of those
ingredients taste like ass is if you stuck them up an ass before
sticking them in your mouth. Have you made sure nobody in your domicile
put your breakfast up their ass before you ate it?

If you get that figured out and it turns out to be all good, I can’t
imagine honey not being sweet enough for someone unless all they drink
is soda and all they eat is fastfood and candy…at which point I would
say the huge tapeworms that have taken over their thoughts and mood are
probably a bigger concern. Especially if they are old enough to vote,
drive, buy a gun…you know …the whole thing. A couple of fried
apples, bananas, or mangoes can go a long way , too. oh, and cinnamon
can give a certain amount of sweetness.

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