V6 mustang convertible

Don’t listen to the haters. If they like their gas guzzling V8s with pristine paint jobs and noisy exhausts that’s their preference.
In all honesty they are stupid & immature. NOBODY needs over 200 hp in a street car. All that leads to is speeding tickets & car accidents which means your pristine paint job gets ruined anyway, and considering all the dark humor involving mustangs crashing into crowds it’s amazing that people find it funny that people get injured or die as a result of immature stupidity. If you wanna race your car on a track and risk damaging it or hurting yourself, thats your choice. But keep your drifting & burnouts away from the streets. If you wanna just go for a drive then that’s your choice too.

I myself own a V6 Convertible and I love it. I don’t care how often I get told by some virgin through the Internet that it’s gay to own a V6 Convertible, it’s my choice. Being called gay is the kind of insult I’d expect from a kindergartener.

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