Vaas Insanity Meme Maxi Translate

Vaas: Have we not power to the housetops? Not again the same roof … … … Damn dung … Wait for it. Kamehameha. First, Khoa said, I am the burning roof. … That is not right. Where he began to see, and seen that I’m going to fuck anal, anal … and again and again, that this is the same song in no other way On the contrary, this is what you, the book of Songs .. E’olu’olu now, ‘I repent, they know not the way of the … …
[With the blows, and the safety of all. Now fermentum felis sit amet, consequat Ua’āke’ake’a.
Vaas … you will find a … Well, in the heart of thy servant, enliven, which are think that you are a fool, do you take it? Your ass! OK? Your ass! … Well the man. Poet, Hermano. , Which is the Latin … … Bob, who was put to death, and I will not ani … Kamehameha. Purus ornare … it in the water, as it were. … This is the power of the mind

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