Vacation story from r/4chan

We were on vacation for the summer, as usual our family’s all meet up in Crescent city. I had turned 19 recently and was working as a dock bltch in hopes that I could improve my sailing skills and overall seamanship. Kimberly, my moms sisters daughter, my cousin had always had a fun flirty personality and she was by far my favorite person to see on the summer vaca. When we were younger we had done some exploring once when we locked ourselves in a closet however, that was years ago now. Kimmy had just turned 18, I was sad that I didn’t get to spend it with her after I had heard about the craziness her and her friends had at the pool/jacuzzi bday party. I was sitting on the dock alone kicking my feet about when she approached me about sailing. She slapped me upside the head and told me I would never be a boat captain if I didn’t have a boat. Just take one she said, they are all just sitting here doing nothing, boats everywhere. I mutter under my breath that they are schooners, she slaps me again. It woke something up inside of me and I said fuck it, I will take you out for a sail since I missed your 18th bday party. She started jumping up and down with excitement revealing tan lines of her breasts as they bounced in what seemed like slow motion. We hop in a small schooner and set out to sea, running on motor power until we broke out into the bay. She exuberantly says she wants to help, “I want to raise the mast, tell me how to raise the mast” she keeps shouting. I had my back to her while I was tightening lines. She slapped me on the ass, “Anon is this how I raise the mast??” I turn to see her slowly tugging the strings of her bikini top, her torpedo tits push the top off as if they were tired of being hidden. With soft tan lines that led to pert nipples that could have been breasts on their own they were so swollen, she asks while nibbling on her finger tip, “Am I helping, am I raising the mast” I look down to see that my erection had torn thru my old swim trunks and was pointing at its final destination. “Anon, I’m not a little girl anymore” she slowly turns pointing her plump but tight ass in my direction. I hadn’t noticed until now how much ass was falling out of the small piece of fabric. She tightened her glutes and looked over her shoulder teasing me, “would you like to know more?” nodding my head while I wipe what had to be obvious drool off my chin. She pokes her ass out while standing on her toes and slowly peels the bottoms off, her ass jumps as the restraints fall away, magnificent. I can feel an explosion forming as I try to think of dead kittens and dirty ashtrays to calm myself. “Tell me what you want me to do Anon, I am all yours out here in International waters with no rules.” Little did she know they didn’t even start til 200 miles out. I want you to use your mouth, no hands. I close my eyes, I have never felt so alive in my life. I feel hands, NO HANDS I yell out. I hear the door open slowly whining as if it could use a WD40 bath. “What” I hear here say, NO HANDS I am ready to pop, I hear the door whine again “WTF”, that wasn’t Kimmy’s voice, that was my moms, I am in the hotel restroom naked on the sink with both of my feet pulled back behind my head sucking my own dick. Not this again. I hear my mom yelling to my dad, “It is happening again, pack the bags, this vacation is over!” I’ll miss Kimmy.

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