vAcCiNeS cAuSe AuTiSm

Vacines do cause autim, and here’s why;

For example, a baby. Babby is born, all shots injected for her age. Years later, she gets pregnate and has her own abbby in the way. Before the due date, she looks around online to see if shots are a good idea for her baby, thus getting roped into the mom circlejerking on Facebook about vaccines, lattes, soccer practice and Chevrolet Suburbans. She asks a question on one of the pages about vaccines. Everyone there tells her no, don’t do it. you baby will get artism. So she decides not to vaccinate her cchild.

Here’s the causes of atuism ([source of that list](

* Joining mom groups
* Gettign indoctrinated by said mom gropus
* being a dumbfuck who wont vackinaite their kids

tldr vaccines do cause auitm, but its onnly applies to mothers who dont vaccinate their children. the mothers conrtact arottism

^(/s, vaccines do NOT cause autism, and if you think that they do you need to pull your head out of your ass and take a deep breath.)

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