vaccines where made by jews to turn me gay

think about it only rich people can supply the ENTIRE world with vaccines, vaccines have mercury, mercury cost money, that means lots of money x the entire world= rich. Who is rich? the jews obviously can that even be considered a question? now when you are born you are pushed out of your mums vagina, this biologically happens so the human ends up straight but the jews counter this by injecting something into us when we are young, if you imbeciles havent connected the dots already the jews are trying to make us gay by making it seem like letting something inside your body gives you health benefits, alright we established that jews want us gay. But why? i know this is the question you are all asking but it was right infront of your eyeballs the entire time! MONEY!!!!!!11 the jews only care about money so they have noticed modern statistical lines in relation to gay pride and increase of sales. The increase would obviously be from the lgbt cummunity, so the jews are increasing the amount of gay people to increase sales, so that shop owners get more rich and if they are more rich they would have a stable income, meaning they would have kids repeating the cycle.

thank you for coming to my ted talk

*audience all dies from clapping to hard*

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