Valentines Day

Tomorrow is ❤️ Valentine’s Day. We are going to get an early start and celebrate TONIGHT. If you’re broke and can’t afford to take your sweetheart 💞on a fancy date🌹, grab he/her and come on over to Blinn Blessings.
We’re going to have 🍝spaghetti and meatballs with Donna‘s famous fettuccine. There will be a 🥗salad and plenty of 🧁dessert. My granddaughters are visiting and they have baked and decorated a 🎂cake for Valentine’s Day.
Following the meal, we will have a meditation and then activities based on Valentines themes. We’ll see how good of a Cupid’s Archer you are. Will also see how many little valentine hearts candies you can stack! There will be gift cards for the winners.
The attendance at our Bible study continues to grow. Tonight we’re talking about “resurrection”. If you’re not sure what that is or if it’s going to happen to you, come join us and ask questions.
It’s a lot colder than I thought it was going to be but at least we’re not in Wisconsin. Today is a typical frigid Texas 🥶winter day. Praise God this is as bad as it gets. Grab a friend, come stay warm with us, and share in our family time. See you at 5:30.

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