Vales review for Orgasm simulator 2023

There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to take a look at himself in the mirror and wonder how exactly he reached such a place.

You have to truly ponder what decisions you have made along the way that brought you to the place of your final reckoning.

It is still unclear, even to me, even to God perhaps, why I purchased Orgasm Simulator 2023.

There isn’t anything wrong with it, as visual novel with hentai scenes throughout it’s perfectly stellar. But when you look at it as a choice, you realize just how flawed you and the rest of humanity is.

What drove me to purchase such a game? What part of my soul felt so empty that I thought an anime girl could fill it?

When I look into the boundless depths of my own loneliness I see a pool of reflection. My face isn’t there, there is no face. There are only tears in that pool, tears of shame and loss and confusion.

If it were up to me again I know I would purchase it in a heartbeat, I know I would load it up and skip through the countless pieces of dialogue all so I can have a single morsel of pornographic images which are readily available online.

Yet, despite the abundance of naked anime women waiting in the digital sphere, I still chose to purchase this game and devote hours of my life to it. That time will never return to me, it is lost just like my soul and just like the time I fear I may never find it again.

There is something broken within me, something that desires sensation beyond my reach, something that whimpers every single night with the knowledge that there is no true Orgasm Simulator, it is a merely an illusion.

In my pursuit to find meaning in this long life, I sought the colorful lights and sounds of a world that only exists in a pop up window on my computer.

I am unsure what the moral of this review is, I am unsure about my place within the universe, all I know is that no amount of anime girls can cure the vast rot that has overtaken me

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