Valorant CopyPasta


 Valorant is a character based first person shooter. You go in a team of 5 against another team of 5.

In the default gamemode, you play 12 rounds, one team starts as the attacker, who have to get into the

enemies base and plant a bomb, which is called the spike. Defender have to do everything that’s in their

power to prevent that. Once the Spike is placed, there is a time of exactly 45 seconds until the timer goes

off and the bomb explodes. If that happens, the attacker secure a point for their team on the scoreboard.

When both all the attacking ore defending players die before the bomb is placed. The team that’s still standing

secures the round. The defenders job is to defuse the bomb. If the defenders are the last men standing, but can’t

manage to defuse the spike, the attackers win. Once 12 rounds are played, the sides switch, so now the attackers

are defenders and the other way around. First team to win 13 rounds, win the whole game. Valorant has a term to

describe the best play in each team and each game. The Valorant interface has a scoreboard, where you can see how

much kills, deaths and assists, everyone has achieved. The player with the most kills is on the top of the scoreboard.

The Valorant Ingame-Score-System is very complex, but the player with the highest score in the team is the “Team MVP”

and the player with the highest in the whole game is the “Match MVP”.


 Let’s talk about the different gamemodes:

 We start off with the default Valorant gamemode, which is called unrated. It’s a normal game of Valorant without any

features or changes. When the score is 12-12, the sides switch again and the team who wins the next round, wins the game.

 Let’s carry on with probably the most famous and important one, which is competetive (ranked). It’s almost a normal game,

just like unrated. The first thing that changes is, the procedure of the overtime (12-12). In competetive, it’s not

“golden round”, but you have to win 2 rounds in a row so the score is different by 2 against the enemy team.

You get one round in each side and win both of them. If you win a game, you get some “RR” and if you lose, you lose some.

The amount of RR you win or lose, is dependent on the player’s performance in the game. A player, who is higher ranked on

the scoreboard will gain more on a win and lose less on a loss.

These are all the ranks in Valorant: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendent, Immortal and Radiant.

90% of all players are below Platinum, 32.000 out of all players are Immortal and 500 are Radiant.

 Spike Rush is a gamemode, not until the first one wins 13, but 4 and there are special boosts and guns, which make it a

little bit more casual.

 Replication is a limited time mode which is first to 5. At the start, the players vote for an agent, who everyone is gonna

play, which makes this gamemode very unique.

 Deathmatch is a gamemode, perfect for practicing aim. 12 players go against each other, the first one to reach 40 kills wins

the game. After every kill you get, your ammo is reloaded automatically and on the players corpse, there’s a heal orb, which

you can pick up to recieve full health.

 You can also play a private game with up to 9 other friends, which is called a custom game.


 Valorant Agents:

 Every agent is unique in his own way. The amount of different abilities create an almost infinite ways to play the game.

Abilities can be used to damage opponents, heal teammates, to block of sights of the enemies or even stun or flash the enemies.

Every agent has an ultimate which can be charged by Ult-Orbs. Ult Orbs can be gained by kills, deaths and picking them up manually on the map.

 In Valorant, there are 4 different roles

 First role and probably the most famous one are duelists. Duelist use their abilities to entry sites and get as many kills as possible,

to make it easier for the team to secure rounds. The duelists available are Jett, Reyna, Yoru, Raze and Neon. I will later explain all

of them.

 The second one is the Controller role. Controllers use their abilities to block of the enemies’ sights and create a safe way for the duelists

to entry and the rest of the team to follow. Controllers have access to a Smoke-type orb, which you can place wherever you want, based on the

agent you play. The Controllers are Viper, Omen, Astra, Brimstone and the newest one: Harbor.

 The next role are the initiators. Initiators are used to create space on site and help the duelists entry. Initiators can give your team info

about the position of the enemy players. Initiators have access to a unique flash to confuse the enemies and secure the team some time to make

their play. The initiators in the game are KAY/O, Breach, Skye, Sova, Fade.

 The last one is the Sentinels role. Sentinels are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attack and defender rounds.

In a game dedicated to planting or defusing the Spike, these agents are crucial. Sage have access to an ability to check the flanks, which means

they can tell the team, when enemies are coming from behind. One of the Sentinels even has a Heal-Orb. The Sentinels are Sage, Killjoy, Chamber and Cypher.

 Now we have talked about the roles, we can put the different agents in perspective. So I will describe the agent’s abilities and the way you should

play it, to get the maximum amount of impact on the game.


\-Smoke: Jett has a short duration smoke which is perfect to cover her when she entries site. The smoke lasts for 4 seconds.

\-Updraft: Jett is able to fly up quickly and high, which is the perfect opportunity to get into unexpected spots to peek from.

\-Dash: Jett can quickly dash out of sticky situations when using the dash. The dash was nerfed recently, but it’s still op.

\-Ultimate, Knives: Jett gets 5 knives to fire from close and from far distance. Knives are 100% accurate while moving, unlike

other guns in the game.

Jett can also reduce fall damage to 0 when the player is holding spacebar. Then she can fall like a feather.


\-Flash orb: Reyna has an orb, who steals the enemies sights. The flash has a short duration and can also be shot by opponents.

\-Leer: Reynas special ability is, she can create orbs on the enemies corpse, once she gets a kill or at least and assist.

So when Reyna gets a kill, she can heal herself up by 100 hp.

\-Dismiss: This is another ability, which is unlocked when she gets a kill. Once she activates the dismiss, she is invincible for

a few seconds. After the duration, she has a short cooldown, before she can shoot the next enemy. The dismiss can be

canceled at any time.

\-Ultimate, Empress: Reyna gets a few upgrades for almost a minute. The upgrades are: She can dismiss as much as she wants to,

heals to full HP everytime she gets a kill, shoots and reloads much faster and the enemies get highlighted

red for her, which makes it easier to spot enemies’ appearance.


\-Decoy: Yoru can place a decoy to confuse enemies. When the enemies kill the decoy the get flash for 2 seconds. Yoru can also place

a portal, so he can activate the decoy from where and whenever he wants to.

\-Flash: Yoru has a flash, which has to bounce off a wall before it activates. The ability to bounce off the wall create a lot of

opportunities to outplay enemies.

\-Teleport: Yoru can place a teleport, which can travel in a straight line, so he can TP into the enemies base, if it’s placed

smartly. The TP makes a sound, but he can also fake TP to get the attention of the enemies.

\-Ultimate, Gatecrasher: Yoru can get invisible and invincible and can go around the map for a short duration. This is optimal to

initiate enemies positions.


\-Boom Bot: Raze can send out a little robot on wheels, who follows the enemy when he’s nearsighted. It’s perfect to check tight corners.

\-Satchel: Raze can drop a mini Satchel below her, which she can activate to jump on high spots or get fast from A to B. They also deal damage.

\-Grenade: Raze can drop a grenade which has a big first explosion, then some mini explosions in a bigger area.

\-Ultimate: Raze has a big Bazooka, which deals a lot of damage. Once Raze fires it, she gets knocked back a little bit.


\-Wall: Neon can shoot a wall, which is very long, but can be shot through. Although enemies are fully concealed.

\-Energy ball: Neon can shoot a load of 2 Energy balls. They activate once they bounced off a wall. Once they explode, the

enemies get stunned.

\-High Gear: Neon has a bar on her screen which indicates, how much of this ability is left. Neon can activate a speed boost,

which reloads to 100% everytime she gets a kill.

\-Ultimate, Overdrive: Neon activates her finger guns, whose are 100% movement accurate. Neon also gets a permanent speed boost

just like her High Gear ability.


Viper has a bar on her screen which indicates, how much Toxic energy she has left. This is important for her abilites.

\-Snakebite: Viper can shoot a molly, which does not only deal damage, but also makes the enemies, who are standing inside the molly,

vulnerable (They get more damage than usual).

\-Smoke Orb: Viper can shoot the orb and activate it whenever she wants to, unless there’s no Toxic energy left.

Once activated, the appearing smoke gives the enemies a decay (They get temporary damage).

\-Wall: Viper can shoot a very long ranged wall, which also gives enemies a decay. She can use it, just like the orb,

whenever she wants to, as long as she has enough toxic enery.

\-Ultimate, Viper’s pit: She can create a big Bubble-a-Like vicinity. This can cover a whole site. It can theoretically exist forever,

as long as Viper is standing inside of it, if she’s not, it will disappear after a while.

Enemies in Viper’s pit get a decay.


\-Shrouded step: Omen can TP in a limited range. The TP makes a sound and it’s hard to hide it. You can’t TP through player’s

or walls.

\-Blind: Omen has a wide flash for a middle-long range. Once a player is blinded, he can neither see or hear anything,

which makes it perfect for teleport plays.

\-Smoke: When Omen places a smoke, he gets another eyesight, which allows him to see through walls, but not enemies though.

When he is in that condition, he can place the smoke whenever and wherever he wants. He gets his ability again after

a while.

\-Ultimate, TP: Omen can TP literally everywhere on the map. What makes it a little bit worse then other abilities is the fact

that it is so loud and enemies can easily predict where you TP’d to. After you TP you have a short amount of time

to spot enemies nearby. When there are to many enemies, you can always cancel your ult and TP to the spot you ulted

from. Enemies can also shoot you when youre looking for enemies during the TP. Then you automatically TP to your last



Astra’s special ability is to place “Stars” all around the map (4 in total), which are used for her abilites.

\-Gravity well: Astra can pull all enemies in a small area around Astra’s star. Once they’re at the center, they

get vulnerable for a short duration.

\-Nova Pulse: Astra can stun enemies who are standing in a small radius around Astra’s star for a short amount of time.

\-Nebula(Smoke): A normal smoke, which can be activated from all around the map.

\-Ultimate, Cosmic Divide: Astra can put a giant wall across the whole entire map up until space. This wall cuts of all of

the sounds behind it. You are also not able to shoot through it.


\-Stim beacon: Brimstone can place a beacon, which creates a small area, so when allies are standing inside of it,

they can shoot, reload and move faster. This can be used for pushing sites and rotating.

\-Molly: Brim has an extra gun, which can fire a big bullet. Once it bounced off twice on the ground or a wall,

it creates a field of fire, which deals a lot of damage. It can kill an enemy within seconds.

\-Smoke: Brim has a tablet which lets him put 3 smokes in total, but in a limited range.

\-Ultimate, Orbital Strike: Brimstone opens his tablet, which he also uses for his smoke, to place down a fire in a big circle.

The further you are in the center of the area, the more damage you get.


\-Wave: Harbor can send out a Wave with a small width, which stuns enemies, once they’re hit. You can cancel the wave at any time.

\-Smoke: Harbor can place down a smoke in front of him, which means he has to throw it. Harbor’s smoke can be destroyed, then

the smoke will disappear after a short time.

\-Wall: Harbor can place down a wall just like Viper, but he can bend it in any direction he wants, so not in a straight line.

Harbor’s wall can be shot through, just like Viper’s.

\-Ultimate: Harbor can initiate a circle with a big radius, in which enemies get stunned a total of 3 times. This is perfect

to enter sites, as enemies line of sight and aim are affected.


\-Molly: Kayo can throw a molly, which has a small radius and deals damage in the time of 4 ticks. The further you are in the center,

the more damage you get. Kayo’s molly can also damage enemies through walls, if the enemy is close enough.

\-Flash: Kayo has two types of flashes. The first flash takes a longer time to pop, but lasts longer and the second one pops

a lot quicker, but also doesn’t last as long.

\-Knife: Kayo has a special knife, which he can throw anywhere. Once the knife hits the wall or the floor, it creates a big sphere,

which detects if an enemy is in this area. When they are in the sphere, they are surpressed for 8 seconds, which means

they can’t use any abilities.

\-Ultimate: Kayo can activate killmode, which means he can create a big shockwave around him. Once enemies are hit by the shockwave,

they can’t use any abilites for 4 seconds. But the shockwave does multiple hits, so it’s possible to not have abilites

for at least 20 seconds. The other ability Kayo has while he’s in his ult is, that once he dies, there’s a 15 seconds

timer where he can be revived by a teammate. After Kayo is killed, enemies can also shoot him to make him die quicker.


\-Aftershock: Breach can place his aftershock through any thin wall. The aftershock has 3 ticks and every tick deals 50 damage.

It’s just a fire wave, whose range is very hard to predict.

\-Flash: Breach can place his flash through any thin wall, just like the aftershock. The flash pops really fast, so it’s

hard to dodge and that makes him probably the most hated agent.

\-Stun: Breach can send a very long road, where he loosens the ground. Enemies, who are standing inside of the road,

get stunned for a short duration. Breach can decide how far roads expands.

\-Ultimate: His ultimate is similar to his Stun, but it’s more wide, stuns longer and also boosts up enemies, once they’re

hit, which makes it a lot harder for the enemies to shoot back.


\-Heal: Skye creates a small circle around her, in which she can heal teammates. The benefit of this type of heal is, that

she can heal all her teammates at once, as long as they’re standing inside of the circle. The disadvantage of this heal is

firstly the limited range and the fact that she can’t heal herself.

Skye has a bar on her screen which indicates the amount of heal she has left.

\-Skye’s Dog: Skye can send out a dog, which has a limited vision, but can reveal enemies positions. Skye can fully control her dog and can

cancel it at any time. Skye can also attack with her dog, that means, when she makes the dog jump at an enemy,

the enemy get stunned and also recieves 30 damage.

\-Flash: Skye sends out a bird, which she can fully control and is able to pop at any time she wants to. Once enemies are hit, there’s

a sound, which tells her if an enemy got blinded.

\-Ultimate: Skye sends out 5 plants, which follow the enemies to their position. This is a really good method if one or multiple enemies

are hiding and you can’t find them.


\-Drone: Sova can send a drone, which he can fully control. The drone is a very expensive ability, but it has also a lot of benefits.

Sova’s drone can shoot enemies, which doesn’t deal damage but reveals them through walls and on the map.

\-Shock Bolt: Sova has a bow, which he can shoot darts from, that deal damage on enemies. Once the dart hits the ground,

it creates a small sphere and the further the enemies are in the center, the more damage they get. Sova can also

change the amount of bounces from 0 bounces to 2. He can also determine how far he wants to shoot.

\-Recon Bolt: Sova has another use of his bow, namely his recon bolts. They work just as the shock bolts, but they don’t deal

damage. Sova can use his recon bolt to reveal a large area, where the dart lands. It can reveal enemies a total of 3

times, unless the enemies shoot it.

\-Ultimate: Sova can shoot a Shockwave of electricity, which goes through walls and almost across the entire map. It does 90

damage and once enemies are hit by the shockwave once, they get revealed, just like from his recon dart.

Sova can shoot this shockwave a total amount of 3 times.


\-Prowler: Fade can send out a stone looking monster, which she can fully control. Fade’s prowler can be used to check corners,

because once an enemy is in their line of sight, he gets attacked by the prowler. Once the enemy is hit, his

line of sight gets decreased and also loses his ability to hear.

\-Seize: Fade can shoot a little ball, which creates a small area, once it hits the ground. All enemies in this area get

attached to a lead and they also get a decay and also lose the ability to hear.

\-Fade’s Eye: Fade can throw a big eye, which lands a little bit above the ground and reveals enemies, just like Sova’s Recon Bolt.

Enemies also get marked, which means the way they went will be visible to all players, which makes it easier for the

other team to reveal their position.

It can also be shot, as soon as it lands on the ground.

\-Ultimate, Nightmare: Fade can put all enemies in a big area into a nightmare, which means once they’re hit by the Ult, they can’t hear

anything, they get a decay and get marked, just like from her eye.


\-Sage’s wall: Probably one of the most OP, but also one of the most expensive ability in all of Valorant. Sage’s wall can be placed vertically

or horizontally. It’s partiated in 4 parts, each of the parts have 1500 HP. After a while, her wall dissolves by itself.

It can be used for many different plays and off angles (later explained).

\-Sage’s slow orb: Sage can throw a special orb, which creates a field, which slows down enemies and also teammates unfortunately.

She can throw it really far and it also bounces of walls.

\-Sage’s Heal orb: Sage can heal herself and teammates, using her orb. When she heals herself, the amount of heal is 30 HP and

when she heals her teammates, it’s 100. After a single use, it has a cooldown.

\-Ultimate: Sage’s ult is probably the best in the game. She can fully revive dead teammates. Once they’re revived, they

get a total amount of 100 HP.


\-Alarm bot: Killjoy can place a Bot, which detects enemies, which are nearby. Once enemies are detected and attacked by the bot, they get

vulnerable. Her alarmbot has limited range around the map.

\-Swarm grenade: Killjoy can place her Swarm grenades on the floor and she can activate it whenever she wants to. Once it’s activated, it creates

a small area, which deals a lot of damage.

\-Turret: Killjoy can place a Turret, which can attack enemies in a 180 degrees line of sight, it makes a little sound, which also helps detecting

enemies. Her turret also has limited range, just like her alarm bot.

\-Lockdown, ultimate: Once Killjoy places her Lockdown, there is a countdown of 13 seconds. After the 13 seconds are over, all enemies in the big area,

the lockdown contains can’t do anything, but moving very slow. This condition lasts 10 seconds.


\-Trademark: Chamber has a trap, which is almost identical with Killjoy’s alarm bot. But the enemies, which are hit by the trademark get shot with a slow orb,

which covers a small area. The trademark can be destroyed by shooting it.

\-Headhunter: Chamber has a whole gun in his ability repertoie. It has a total of 8 bullets and does 150 damage to the head and 55 damage to the body. It also

has a scope.

\-Rendezvous: Chamber can place his Rendezvous, which allows him to TP from a medium big area to the Rendezvous. It also can be shot and destroyed by enemies.

\-Ultimate: Chamber can equip a sniper, which kills all enemies that are hit, it doesn’t matter where on the body. When an enemy is killed, he leaves a slow orb

in a small area, exactly like his trademark.


\-Cage: Cypher can throw a Cage, which can be activated whenever he wants to. Once that happens, it creates a small, Smoke-Type area, which makes a low tone, once enemies

enter the area.

\-Tripwire: Cypher can place a tripwire between 2 walls. When enenmies walk trough it, it first makes a sound and when enemies don´t shoot it for 3 seconds, they get stunned and

caught, so they can’t move.

\-Cypher’s cam: Cypher can place a camera wherever he wants and can also activate it at any time. It can watch everything in the line of sight, in a half circle area. It’s only visible to

enemies when Cypher uses it and it can also be shot and destroyed.

\-Neural Theft: When an enemy dies, there’s a 15 seconds cooldown on the corpse. In that time, Cypher can use his ult on the dead body and reveal all enemies exact position twice in a span of 3




 Let’s continue with all the maps available:


 Split is a defender sided map with 2 sites, which is very common. In the middle of the map, there is a vent to rotate quick.

There are a lot of spots to wallbang through. Split was removed from the game, a few months ago, which was really controversial. Many

people miss the map and some others only want it back if it gets some rework, to make it more attacker friendly.


 Bind is probably the most hated map in Valorant. Bind has a really unique mechanic, which are portals to teleport from on site to another.

The reason for the hate is probably the tight ways to get onto site and the amount of corners on the sites. The Valorant community wants to

remove Bind and bring back Split.


 Haven is the only map in Valorant with 3 different sites, which creates many types of attacks to execute.


 Breeze is a map with a wide range of open spaces, which means Sniper rifles are very good on Breeze.


 Fracture is the only map, which has 2 entries to every site, which creates a lot of ways to entry.


 Ascent is a map, which is special because of its mid part. The mid part of Ascent is very big, which makes it hard to cross and leads to a lot of Sniper-Players.


 On Icebox, there is nothing special, expect for the Antarctica-Type details.

  The Range:

 The Range is a practice hall, from where you can practice your aim by shooting bots, or your ingame sense. (You can practice

planting or defusing the spike, just like in a real game.



 In Valorant, there are a few different categories of guns. Let’s talk about primary and secondary weapons first:

A player can carry one gun from each of those categories. Primary guns are the bigger and more important part in the game.

Secondary guns only contains small pistols and a double barrell shotgun.

 Primary Weapons:

 Stinger: This gun costs 950 Coins and shoots bursts of 3, unless you don’t ADS (later explained).

Bulldog: This gun costs 2100 Coins and is similar to the Stinger, but simply deals more damage.

 Bucky: The Bucky is a shotgun, which costs 950 Coins and can shoot close and a bit further range, based on the player’s input.

Judge: The Judge is an upgraded version of the Bucky which costs 1850 Coins. It has a higher firerate and deals more damage.

 Marshal: The Marshal is a sniper rifle, which is very good, considering it only costs 950 Coins. It deals 101 damage to the body and

double the damage to the head.

Operator: The Operator is also a sniper rifle, which oneshots every opponent, unless you hit the through a wall or in the legs.

it costs 4700 Coins and is the most expensive item in the game.

 Spectre: The Spectre is a simple submachinegun, which costs 1600 Coins.

Ares: The Ares is similar to the spectre, costs the same, but shoots faster. The con about the Ares is the accuracy with this gun.

Odin: Odin is similar to the Ares but shoots faster, deals more damage and has a much bigger magazine. It costs 3200 Coins.

 Guardian: The Guardian is a gun with a magazine size of 12, and is Semi-Automatic. Enemies are oneshot, when hit in the head. It costs 2200 Coins.

 Vandal: The Vandal is a heavy assault rifle, which deals 160 (oneshot) damage to the head. It has a magazine of 25 and costs 2900 Coins.

Phantom:The Phantom is similar to the Vandal, but silenced and has a higher firerate, a bigger magazine and the first shot is more accurate. But on a long-range,

it deals less than 150 damage to the head. It also costs 2900 coins.

 Secondary Weapons:

 Classic: The classic is simple pistol, which can shoot single shots, or triple shots. Triple shots can do more damage obviously but are less accurate on

long range. The classic is for free and the player gets it automatically every round.

Shorty: The Shorty is a double barrell shotgun, which deals a decent amount of damage. It costs 150 Coins.

Frenzy: The Frenzy is a small, Uzi-Type gun, which has a magazine size of 13 and deals as much damage as the classic, but is fully automatic. It costs 450 Coins.

Ghost: The Ghost is a silenced Classic, which deals a bit more damage than the Classic and has a bigger magazine.

Sheriff:The Sheriff is a Desert Eagle gun, which isn’t automatic, but deals a lot of damage, especially to the head.


Weapon Skins, In-App-Purchases:

 It’s possible, to spend real money on Valorant for Weapon skins. The currency is called Valorant points.

There are 4 different types of rareties.

 1000 Valorant Points cost 10€ on average, but the more you buy at once, the less it costs in comparison.

 Common: 875 Valorant Points.

Rare: 1275 Valorant Points.

Epic: 1775 Valorant Points.

Legendary: 2175 Valorant Points. (Average cost)

 Skins make you a better player, at least most Valorant players believe that.


 Valorant (fps shooter) terms, you need to know:

 Wallbang: This is a feature, which makes the game more realistic. Guns can shoot through thin walls and surfaces and can still damage

the enemy, but deals less damage than normal.

 Heaven: Heaven is the point on a site, which is located higher than everything else.

Hell: Hell is the opposite of Heaven.

Hooka: Hooka is a small tunnel on Bind B site, which is used to entry site.

CT: This term comes from the famous game CS:GO, which most Valorant players have played before and at least heard of. It describes the

enemies’ Spawn.

Spawn: Your Spawn (LOL).

Rotating: Going from one site to the other, usually happens when entrying a site is too hard.

Decay: Decay is a condition which can be dealt by some agents’ abilities. It is a temporary damage, which lasts for a short duration.

Vulnerability: This condition can also be dealt by some agents’ abilites. Vulnerable enemies get more damage than usual.

Off-angle: An off-angle is an unexpected angle from where enemies can peek. It’s high risk,but high reward.

ADS: ADS is not only a term in Valorant. It means Aim down sights and simply when you scope with your gun.



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