Valorant Rant Copypasta

Valorant is really degrading as a game for me, everytime I try playing it, I end up in an infinite feedback loop of me not having the motivation to rank up. Seeing how I miss like 30% of every shot and my lack of talent in tracking players is really a pain. My lack of quick thinking in economically managing my credits per round fills my mind full of regret, this game is literally just made to make you frustrated. Even if I do well, my teammates suck and they dont even know how to press WASD in iron rank. I don’t know why I’m hardstuck on iron despite being able to reach bronze many times at my peak. FPS is also a major issue, in my peak I was usually getting 90-110 fps, but nowadays im getting 50fps every game. I explicitly have to use 1280×720 resolution to even make this game experience playable. Dont forget about the ping and the rampant networking issues that valorant has, it’s like im trying to hit an AI that has triggerbot that onetaps me every second, its like 99% of iron is just filled with smurfs and 5 men who are carrying their iron friend. Even something like TF2 and CSGO is more fun to play rather than this slow paced piece of trash of a game, it’s like the meta only revolve around controllers and duelists, while intitators and sentinels lack the experience of getting the spotlight in the meta game, yes sage exists, BUT STOP TREATING HER LIKE THE BE ALL END ALL DETERMINER OF WHETHER YOU WILL WIN IN THE GAME, YOU CAN STILL HAVE A GOOD TEAM COMP WITHOUT HER. The toxicity and the instalocks only make this worst, i HATE IT SO MUCH WHEN YOU ARE FORCED TO PLAY A CHARACTER YOU ARENT FAMILLIAR WITH, AND ARE BLAMED FOR NOT PERFORMING WELL, LIKE WHAT DID YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU INSTALOCK NEON, DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT ME BEING BAD IF YOU ARE INSTALOCKING. This game is so degrading as a result of all of these complaints for me, some may actually like these bad things about the game and that’s fine. I just feel like valorant isn’t the game for me through the 400 hours of me at the game or actually ranked high, you have to disregard every game and disregard the thought of even going outside

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