valran sex game sumray rating 9/10

So like

its a sex game

and the sequence starts out with like


and youru

so basically saige is sad because she is bored

yoru tells her to go make him a sadnciwh. and then she says that the machin is broke becuz iChams is DTC

you have to keel thorty bots and then you get sage sex scene. Aftert that you play as saeg and you make soup at the same kikckent, you gib it to yuor and then he sexes sage again but this time with penis.

Then you play agin as sgage where you tak to jeet and then you gib her the same soup(SOUP STD or sumting idk) and then you can either take a shower (you get free sope) or you can have sex( you pay $12 a mont but you get all the sex).

Then you payy as rouy again. You go to see vaper. SHe asks you if ur gay or if you like wemen. you get an oculus quest to kill more bots in the garage. If you told her u like wemen you can toutch her boobies titty badonkadaonks.

Hwoever, if yuor spedrunning, you can insted tell her you like men and thebn, instead of the 45 sex second scene with bobs you just look at a pikture of Midas’s penis, you shave off 30 seconds off yuor run if yu do that.

Anyways the next sexo is kijloy, you basicly have to kill 30 bots without headshot, howeber as spedrunnier i already did that in the prev 2 shitting sequences.

Anyway you either get paid in monies($5k) or in watching sex, its not real sex but she sexes herself.

she does some sieceneny shieet for 2 ours and then the bomb goes off and she is nakd. after she done she put bomb in her vagene and then she tells you to levae becaus “my squirting is only for me” or something idk.

Thta is how you 100% the valo prong ame, befor they added the jet sex I was able to 100% the gam at 3:05:33, where I look ated Mida’s cock and tok the money instead of the kiljoy sexing herself.

  source: [\_the\_valorant\_sex\_game\_everbody\_is/](

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