valve doesnt care about cs

valve doesnt care about cs, never has. they’ve always been completely disconnected from the game and its community. they didn’t give a fuck about 1.6 except when they released a game breaking update in 2013 when the game was already on its last legs. they created dynamic weapon pricing with legit no idea how cs functions, fucking with the cs source population. then they forced source onto cgs when source was clearly the far worse version of the game, further splitting the community and depopulating the american cs scene.

they took the shitshow hidden path made and admittedly turned it to something decent.

then they started ruining it with their moronic updates, per usual. introduced skins and let shady gambling practices run rampant. introduced broken weapon after broken weapon – deagle, aug, cz, fiveseven, tec, etc. refused to touch map balance, tagging, sound, movement (lack thereof), nades, hitboxes, weapon accuracy, core mechanics of the game for years or even not at all. introduced broken maps right before majors and forced random map pick mechanics in major bo3s to an already random game. removed beloved maps for their own dogshit remakes that still remain broken months after release. introduce one shot to the body pistols legitimately thinking its a good addition. allow running and gunning and jumping and shooting and pair it with a longer c4 timer to allow for more retakes and hinder saving, because their vision for the game is 50-50 side balance on every map with action action action and no eco rounds.

oh, and lets go past the game mechanics updates. how about inconsistent bans on cheating – only a vac ban means you cheated in valve’s eyes, never mind esl wire cheat bans. doesn’t matter if the vac ban is from 3 years ago on an alt on matchmaking and the esl wire ban is from yesterday. totally different things. a teams first offense of throwing in a meaningless online match when there were no rules or precedent in place? throw the book at them, permanent ban – but oh wait a year clinging to false hope before we tell you. one player banned for cheating on a team? forget your progress, you’re not entitled to any info on your own teammate and your entire team is disqualified from a major with no chance of re-qualifying with a ringer.

the list really goes on. as long as CS exists and is owned by valve it will never stop. as a cs player of a long time i laugh when i see a) valve dicksuckers on this sub that truly believe valve knows what they’re doing and b) people in other places praising valve for being some kind of amazing game dev

this shit has been going on since cs was invented. cs will always be the redheaded stepchild, and the only reason valve pays any attention to the game at all is because of how much money they’ve milked from 15 year olds gambling over the years. at least the tf2 community can relate.

valve driders will downvote as usual

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