Vampire Bat

have you ever had a girl offer to show you her “special v thing”? now i assumed as would anyone else of my class that that would mean her vagina. her pussy. her sex hole. but when i get to her house and walk into her room, what does she pull out? a vampire bat! holy shit! the god damn thing was outta control! it started flying around the room as she tried catching it, when suddenly it swooped down and bit me on the head! eventually she caught it, but that didn’t take care of the bite. i told her to take a look, when suddenly her twin sister busts into the room and starts sucking the venom outta me! which is not as sensual as it sounds. the vampire girl tells me her twin sister has a lust for blood after she ate the third twin that was supposed to be born along side in the womb! that’s right! she devoured him before he could be born! danny!! you would’ve been the good one!! :'(

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