vanilla ice cream, brother?

greetings, brother, i am present today to make a request, right here in our humble abode. might i be so courageous to ask you for a serving, (perhaps more), of some delicious vanilla ice cream, made from the freshest milk and cream? “only a spoonful”, you say? is that your answer? if so, that is an extremely tumultuous answer, let alone a poor decision to utter such abhorrent words. “only a spoonful”? well, lucky for you, i have a counter to your words, your disgusting words. aye! gaze upon my magnificent creation! for i have brought here a large spoon, one that is much larger than necessary, some might even say “comically large”. this is my counter, and a irrefutable one at that. i created and brought this spoon in advance, for i knew your words ahead of time, i knew what horrible words you would utter on this very day. so with that, brother, please satisfy my request for vanilla ice cream. and allow me to use my spoon, for i am once again requesting more than one spoonful of ice cream. my argument is over, that is all i have.

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