Vanilla sex is the best

[F4M][Love Letters] – In this essay, I will tell you why vanilla sex with me will feel like you’re fucking the whole goddamn ice cream parlor.

> Do I have your attention now? Good. First, I will establish why you should have vanilla sex with me. Then, I will let you know why it will be a) amazing, b) make you forget about any kink you ever had, and c) what I will make for breakfast.

> **Part One:** Vanilla is a beautiful, nuanced flavor. It’s part of so many foods other than ice cream, and there is a good reason for it. No matter your mood, no matter what you want your lips to meet, vanilla is an appreciated taste. When it comes to sex, it should be no different. What I want to do with you isn’t complicated. I want you to taste the ever-same in dozens of ways. I want you to feel my lips all over your body, I want to hug you tight. I want to ask you about your day while I ride you. Vanilla goes well with bourbon, and I will hand you a glass right when you come over. My lingerie will be white, just like the ice cream we love so much, and my kisses will be sweet like vanilla cookies. Always simple, never plain.

> Having Vanilla sex with me will, for once, show you that I do indeed love you. It will show you that I adore your body and that I want you, all there is of you. It will give you a chance to listen to me when I whisper sweet nothings into your ear, and it will feel so, so good when I lower my lips onto your shaft. You should have vanilla sex with me because that is the only way I will fuck you. You should have vanilla sex with me because it is so much more versatile than any other flavor. Because it is tested and true and intimate and passionate and because I love you. I love you so much it hurts. Is it crazy that I write this? We don’t know each other that well yet, but if you have vanilla sex with me, you will have a girlfriend that loves you, adores you, and gives you everything you need.

> **Part Two – Why it will be Amazing:** Because I have worked in this ice cream shop for years. I know how much to scoop, how much to give my partner to keep them on their toes, to keep them coming back for more. I will show you that you don’t need something special for it to be extravagant. You just need me, my passion, and a few hours for me to please you. Vanilla is a neutral flavor, it can be dominant and submissive, but there is always that balance between the two, and that’s where I want to find us. I will please you, you will please me, we will be intertwined until we are sweaty, tired, cuddled up below vanilla-ice-cream-white blankets.

> **Part Three – Why you will forget about every kink:** Because you won’t need them anymore. You don’t need toys and tools and predicaments and commands when I already know what you want and tell you what I want. You don’t need anything, you won’t want anything other than that what I am already giving you. Why? Because vanilla is creative. No two parlors sell the same taste, no two companies make it the same way. Sometimes it is rougher, sometimes it is softer, but it is always vanilla. It is familiar but different every time, and if it is different every time, why would you want to taint it with something else?

> **Part Four – What I will make for breakfast:** Vanilla Pancakes. Strawberries with vanilla sauce. Sweet, sweet love to you.

> And that’s why vanilla sex with me will feel like you’re fucking the whole goddamn ice cream parlor.

> With love,

> that girl you kissed at her doorstep last week.

> PS: Lick me till Ice Cream 🙂

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