vape pasta by the user astolfoplzsuckmedry

heeheh cirnge much? vape aint no poisen, no fugen air water gonna poisen my lung im fuckin STRONGGG down there i be puffin HUFF HA HUFF HAHHH HUFF HAAAAAAHH that bitch and imma be healthy as a healthy man who takes care of them health like a self docter or somethin dont believ in conspiracies vapin is good somethimes its even healthier if u put medicine and vitmain in it yea? u be inhalin pure strenhgt like that an circulatin the power thru ur lung an circulatory sea stem an that shit gonna make ur healthier than a bungalow yea u cant jus say stuff like poisen if ya dont have the scientistic data to back them up thas just lyin bruh u dont even hav statistics like them charts an shit to represent ur ideals next time maybe think for a sec yea? before u spread ur tinfoil hat association’s conspiracy of the month ok bro? that shit kinda wack so vape good and live good bro u dont gotta be a bitchass tattlin fool yea?

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