Vape v4 made me transgender (stolen form r/minecraftclients)

Hey there, 27F here (she/they/it). I am an avid Minecrafter player, always have have been. In June of last year, when I was a man, I was playing Bedwars on Hypixel with my friends late at night when one of them suggested that we should all download hacked clients and troll people. The peer pressure was intense, I mean, I have never broken a single law in my life. And I most certainly did not want to break the rules of my favorite game, Minecraft.

Reluctantly, I agreed to it as I was bored, and I downloaded and installed the Wurst client. Another one of my friends suggested that we change our skins to “e-girls” so we can troll even more. I was reluctant, coming from a Christian family, I believed that God made Adam and Eve, man and woman, and I should never break these rules. But then again, I was bored and tired, so I agreed.

As we made our way into the bedwars queue with our modded clients and female skins, I felt tingling in my stomach. I knew this was wrong, but I can’t stop myself… I actually thought it was hot…..

Fast forward to one week later, I never gave up Wurst client and I decided to research more exploits/hacks that I could use, as I grew addicted to the “rebel” feeling I got when I loaded into a lobby, with my girl skin and hacked client.

Upon researching, I discovered Vape v4, a top-tier paid client that has various features including a highly effective anti-cheat bypass. I didn’t have much money, though. I desperately wanted this client. I was itching for it.

Until a brilliant idea came to mind. I could take picture of my feet and upload them to Reddit, disguising as a girl in hopes of getting donations by strangers, all in order to fund Vape v4.

I did this. I created an alt, posted to various NSFW subreddits, created a CashApp, and then posted pictures of my male, Christian feet. I even snuck into my sister’s room and stole her nail polish and foot cream!

I was getting Vapr v4. No one can stop me. I am a rebel, a boss bitch.

I told myself I will never enjoy what I do, and it was all necessary to buy Vape v4, but after a while, I realized that I liked the attention. I was never complimented and appreciated before this. All my attempts to fornicate, procreate, and intermingle with the human female populace has always failed. I didn’t get any game, I’ve never had a girlfriend, and woman thought I was too feminine.

Actually, one woman told me I was too feminine, and given that women share the same mind, there was nothing I can do about it.

Upon realizing this, I made the decision to transition into a female. I started wearing my mother’s clothes, I changed my name to Agatha, my parents ultimately kicked me out of the house, and all my friends left me. But I was very happy. I feel competent and complete as a woman. All of this started as an act of desperation because I very much wanted Vape v4, but it turned out very serious. Creators of Vape v4, thank you very much. Without your client, I would have never found the light.

I began hormonal therapy in November last year, and in two weeks I will see a doctor who will saw my testicles off.

Thank you, Vape v4. Buy it.



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