Vaping Is Safer Than Masturbation

Michael slowly puts his hot, steamy, slobbery, monster of a vape back in his pocket. Then he whips his dick out in a moment of spite. Despite the glaring look from Mrs Hardwick, he proceeds to maintain fiery eye contact. Soon other students join in. 4 minutes 20 seconds later, a classroom full of throbbing boners and slimy coochies, furiously rubbing genitals at the same time. Mrs Hardwick proceeds with her lesson in dominant studies and pulls out a dick bigger than Michaels. She could knock him unconscious with the weight and girth of this woman’s schlong. So she did. Walked straight up to Michael and knocked his ass out right as he busted his nut. Jacob just nutted, Brian, Landon, James, Jonathan, Amy, Sarah, Matthew, Jessica, and Erica all nutted at the same time. There’s grool and navy seal seaman all over the floors, chairs and desks. Only one thing left to do. Everyone starts digging in to Michaels pockets for his vape. But everyone’s hands are covered in bodily fluids. Some of their own, and some of their classmates juices. Mrs hardwicks dick is now throbbing and leaking. Precum. It won’t stop leaking precum. She grabbed a cork and stuffed into her gaping pee hole. Nothing. The cork got soggy and fell apart with the amount of precum. The floor is starting to get mushy because of all the juices and over flowing hormones. The students are splashing in the puddles like ducklings in the rain. 1 inch… 2 inches. 6 inches. 3 foot deep in Mrs hardwicks precum. Michael still unconscious. Now floating towards the back of the room in a sea of precum. His vape was nowhere to be found. That vape could be the fucking key to get them out of this sticky situation, but it’s lost. So who knows? Gone. Like the janitors ex-wife and kids. Just poof. There’s nothing left to do. The room is now 5 and half feet deep in precum. The kids can’t find the doors, windows or air vents. The room Was sealed by the first round of nut busting. Mrs hardwick can’t hold it much longer. She’s been edging since Michael first started masturbating. She’s about to orgasm. Hard. Here it comes. She’s cumming. Holy shit. Ropes upon ropes upon ropes. Sperm so big they are dwarfing tadpoles. One of the sperms swims around and splashes up like a fucking large mouth bass breaking the surface. Shit was bizarre. Mrs. Hardwick busted this fat ass nut and filled the remaining space with her nut. The kids are now pushed to the ceiling and took their last breath of oxygen as she busted her last nut. Everyone died that day. This proving that vaping is safer than masturbating.

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