vaporeon copypasta but it’s wholesome :)

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon friendships, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only do they have soft pettable skin, Vaporeon are an average of 3”03’ tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be hugged nicely, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be tight and squeezy with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there’s no doubt in my mind that a happy Vaporeon would be incredibly good at hugging, so good at hugging that you could easily have hug one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, and charm, so it’d be incredibly easy for one to get you to hug it. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of huggability. Also, fun fact, if you hug it enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for hugging. Ungodly defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take hugs all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more

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