vaporeon is no the most compatibl pokemon

Vaporeon is NOT the most compatible pokemon for humans in terms of male human and female pokemon breeding. Sylveon is. They reside in the very same egg group as Vaporeon being from the same evolution basis of Eevee. Sylveon are on average 3″03′ tall and 51.8 bls making Sylveon equal in height to Vaporeon albeit 12,1 pounds lighter meaning that in terms of fun in bed Sylveon’s lesser weight would allow you as their breeder to more easily lift them and change position at a whim making them not only the perfect size to handle human cock but the perfect weight to play with in bed. On top of Sylveon’s superior defense and special defense stat and their access to reflect which halves on coming attacks effectively doubling their defense means you can spank as hard as you wish and Sylveon will be able to take it all and then some. All of this is on top of Sylveon’s most common ability being cute charm which has a 30% chance of infatuating anyone of the opposite gender who comes into contact with Sylveon. This means every time you spank, bite, kiss, thrust into Sylveon you will have a decent chance of becoming even more infatuated with them than you already are making them perfect for some rough sex. As well as being a fairy type pokemon there is no doubt in my mind that Sylveon pussy is just down right magical. Wetness be damned when Sylveon is packing a pussy that’s unlike anything you’d have ever felt before. Sylveon like Vaporeon also has access to the moves Attract, Baby-Doll eyes, Captivate, Charm and Tail Whip on top of having cute charm as an ability means simply touching a Sylveon could easily get you in the mood and with soft and fluffy fur all over after you’ve finished the cuddle sessions would be immaculate and with no worry of a completely soaked bed to speak of. And with the ability to get wish, if taught to them before they evolve, can still give Sylveon the ability to recover from and any and all rough play you can have with it with, again, no risk of a completely soaked bed to think of. Sylveon is clearly without equal when it comes to sexual compatibility. Also fun fact if you Sylveon can also learn draining kiss so not only are their pussies magical their mouths are as well. Vaporeon may have been built for human cock but Sylveon were built to give the human cock a truly ascended experience. Greater defense stat + reflect + cute charm + draining kiss means you’ll be experiencing the climax of a life time every time you have sex with one and it would still be able to give you more and more and more.

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