Vaporeon is NOT the most compatible for humans

Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokemon breeding, Vaporeon is NOT THE MOST COMPATIBLE POKEMON FOR HUMANS? This is a common and understandable misconception, however Vaporeon has it’s Human on Pokemon breedabilty outclassed by it’s cousin evolution, UMBREON. Umbreon boasts an extremely impressive defensive stats spread. With it’s combination of very high HP, defense, and special defense stats, it can take a great pounding and come back for more! It’s ability, Inner Focus, allows it to keep slamming attentively, without getting fatigued. Umbreon also has access to the ability Synchronize, which allows it to share it’s current status with you, meaning you will receive all of the pleasure it feels combined with all the pleasure you’re getting from pounding this PERFECT breedable Pokemon. A great fun fact, Umbreon can excrete toxins in its sweat, which would in turn soak into your member and swell it up, making it even more sizable and sensitive. This would not only enhance the experience for you, but for your Umbreon as well ( Which with synchronize, ends up pleasing you exponentially more.) It can learn Payback, which doubles in power after the Pokemon is hit, meaning Umbreon with throw it back twice as HARD as normally if you’re hitting it good. Umbreon can also learn Guard Swap; it could give you it’s INSANE durability, and go crazy on you all night with your now Massive endurance. Speaking of endurance, Umbreon also has access to Endure, making it practically IMMUNE to fatigue, it will always have energy left over. Charm is also within Umbreons Movepool, letting it be EXTREMELY seductive towards you, easily getting you in the mood. Umbreon can also use Taunt, in turn making you only able to do attacking moves such as Slam, Pound, ETC; It’s access to the ability Inner Focus and Synchronize allow it to unwaveringly throw it back and add all of its pleasure onto yours, effectively making it twice as amazing as any other Pokemon, or even four times, factoring in the doubled power of Payback of course. All of this information in combination with it’s extremely useful Movepool in the world of intercourse making Umbreon the Pokemon most qualified to breed with Humans; able to take dick of any shape, any size, in any position easily for extensive periods of time, while having the ability to return for even more mere seconds later.

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