Vaporeon pasta N⁰2

Can we all just agree vaperon is sexy though? Just imagine cuddling up to your pet vaperon in bed, the light moisture surrounding her smooth rubber like skin. At some point you notice your cock pushing against the fabric of your boxers and you feel a wave of embarrassment. She looks up at you with twinkling eyes and smiles. you feel her tail shift down to you boxers and curl around the top to remove them down to your knees. At this point you are rock hard and the tip of her warm moist tail starts teasing the head of your cock. Then she’s starts full on strokes and grips your cock so tight it hurts just a bit. She keeps going and slowly increases in speed until your head is covered in precum. She starts going at max speed and you feel the cum about to burst out and you send several ropes all over her tail and the bed sheets. After a moment your breathing slows, she smiles at you and licks your cummies clean from the bed. You go back to snuggling and fall asleep.

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