Variations of the word “boobs” Volume 1

**List of ways to refer to Boobs Volume 1.**

boobs, titties, tiddies, boobies, breasts, honkers, knockers, bongos, tatas, bazookas, bazonka mcboingingtons, tits, rack, papas, bosom, bazoinkahonkeroonies, boobers, boobas, booba, tatas majores, mammary glands, bazooms, baps, tig ol’ biddies, chesticles, bahongalongahagaollgabdoonkas, megamilkers, hungolomghononoloughongohongous, bonkhontonhongerekoogers, huge colossal sloshing gorilla kiggling LOUD flapping to-die-for milky fae slapping tiddies, bazoinkahonkeroonies, dohoonbakankaloos, hungolomghnonoloughongous, tonhongerekoogers, dobomhonkeros, badonkers, bahangalungaroos, bazoombas, cha chas, hunka hunkas, awooga boogas, badonkers, jigglypuffs, hadonkadonkas, dobonkonkeroos, torso titans, nipple hills, heart buffers, gazongas, soft mounds, norks, flapjacks, dirty pillows, udders, fun bags, sweater stretchers, milk duds, chest puppies, the girls, the twins, floppers, shoulder boulders, norgs, moobs, weapons of mass distraction, jugs, tasty kakes, tatties, baabies, bewbz, bewbeez, fun pillows, gazongas, nungga-nunggas, baloons, watermelons, coconuts, bobs, meaty knockers, bubbies, little ladies, titlets, bagumbos, boobie woobies, right round’s, jiggle factors, payloads, nananas, lalalas, rubber baby buggy bumpers, gazabas, casabas, tomatoes, blinkers, melons, swag bags, bulbs, hoohas, boobles, floppers, jiddies, snack-trays, chichotas, ditties, god pillows, wumbo whim whams, magumbos.

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