Vaxxie Shill song

Vaxxie Shill gets out of bed
Another day of posts ahead
Of all the things he loves the most –
Fifteen cents for every post!

Mom is yelling – Get a job!
No more being such a slob!
Mom just will not get a clue
Shillposting’s important, too.

Tendies in the microwave
Lots of unvaxxed still to save.
Time to find out what to do,
Get talking points from Shill HQ.

Get on 4chan. Slide! Slide! Slide!
So many threads you have to hide!
Can’t let normies see this stuff,
Or they might catch on to the bluff.

Why won’t you get the damned vaccine?
Why are you so freaking mean?
Don’t you know this all would stop
If you weren’t so scared of the shot?

Fifteen cents! Woohoo! Cha-ching!
Their anger makes him want to sing.
Call him shill, he does not care.
Being unvaxxed isn’t fair!

Get the jab! Wear a mask!
Why is that so hard a task?
Call them incel! Call them chud!
Gotta stop them spreading FUD.

Take the jab – it’s safe and free!
I heard it from the CDC!
There is no danger from the spike.
That’s nothing but a bunch of hype!

Fifteen cents! Cha-ching! Woohoo!
Much more posting still to do!
Eat some tendies, drink a Coke,
Tell them why they need the poke.

They tell him to cope then to seethe,
They talk of onions and of sneed.
None of it makes any sense.
How can they be so very dense?

Take the jab – it’s free and safe!
Your obstinance begins to chafe!
Trust the science! Trust the docs!
You do not want to get this pox!

Nothing ever seems to work.
In every thread shitposters lurk.
Every post is answered “VAERS!”
Why must they keep on splitting hairs?

ADE and Marek’s, spikes and clots,
Heart inflammation and other rot.
Vaxxie Shill has no reply.
Why oh why won’t they comply?

The hour is late, it’s all too much,
His talking points were not a crutch.
Vaxxie Shill gives up the game,
Knowing tomorrow will be the same.

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