Hi friends, I was in the middle of cooking a roast with my mum yesterday. She asks me to go get something from the cupboard, I glance over and catch her adding a chicken stock pot to the gravy I had cooking VERY quickly and when I ask her what she’s up to she tried to play it cool like “oh this is just mine and your sisters gravy, we like the chicken taste”. Disgusting. I want you to know this was a large pot of VEGAN SPECIFIC gravy I had cooking for everyone in the house and she has her own bisto chicken gravy in the cupboard that she could’ve cooked if she wanted.

I know for a fact she would have let me eat that shit if I didn’t catch her and now I suspect she’s probably fed me animal stuff in the past without me knowing. I didn’t really have any reason whatsoever not to trust her cooking before this but I’m not eating her cooking anymore. My brother and my dad are also vegetarian/vegan and we cook most nights, 9/10 times. We don’t try to control what she or my sister eats, and if she wants something non vegetarian she’s welcome to eat it, I don’t have a major issues with that and have never made out that I had

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