Vegan Chili

Hi Maggots,

I find the lack of meat in soup night a serious issue. What kind of soup that’s made right doesn’t have meat in it?! Also, how can you have chili without meat?! Real chili isn’t even supposed to have beans in it! It’s supposed to be just meat!
I call upon all people who know where their food comes from and appreciates good, real chili to boycott soup night until the HRC leadership comes to their senses and stops being a bunch of cidiots.

Also, if I get any backlash about why I did this on the listserv and not Slack, you can talk to the people who kicked me off for calling somebody a “yank” (essentially means northerner). If you want to not see this on the listserv because you don’t like spam, please bombard your local HRC leadership to add me back.

Pog mo Thoin,
Monty “The Gadfly” Campbell

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