Vegan here hijacking top comment

Vegan here hijacking top comment (vegan BTW. Also not trying to start any arguments, just clear up some misconceptions I’ve seen in the meme and comment section, but if you want a good faith conversation about animal ethics DM me)

The “soy” part of the term soy boy is blatantly false. Soy only contains phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) which can’t bind to the same estrogen receptors in humans, and there’s been no scientific evidence proving any correlation.

Also the manual in reference with the soy has most likely nothing to do with Hitler’s philosophy. One of the biggest problems facing Germany was their limited agricultural land, and if you remember the food chain you know it takes ~10 calories in crops to produce a calorie of meat. In order to keep their population growing between 1927 and 37 they had to cut meat and dairy consumption by 20% and eggs by 50%. When you frame it like that plant sources of protein were a necessity going forward. Mix that in with a healthy dose of fascist propaganda and you get Nazi beans.

Although a lot of people debate whether Hitler actually was a vegetarian, that’s not the point, fuck Nazis. They created the blueprint for industrial slaughter, and just because they passed some laws to require animals to be killed more “humanely” doesn’t do anything to excuse the fact that no other government has gone so far with their hatred and cruelty towards other humans.

Also contrary to popular belief vegetarians are not allies of vegans, once again fuck Hitler.

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