Vegan influencers be like

soooooo, the other day I was at this restaurant with my vegan friend, and the waitress walks up to us and I shit you not, this bitch is like “is there anything I can get you girls to eat? Would you like to try our specialty steak?” And my friend being the absolute bitch that she is says “no but I’ll take the garden salad with no cheese and balsamic vinegar” like bitch we need to leave this restaurant immediately. This kind of vegan discrimination will not be tolerated. And she promptly said “no just order something. You’re being irrational” and this is when I knew how much of an asshole she was. So I promptly pushed the meat eating waitress out of my way onto the floor and stormed out of the place. But as I was walking out I noticed my absolute whore of a friend trying to help that horrid horrid woman off the floor! Dont worry I won’t ever be talking to anyone there again and I WILL be suing. As I left the building I was sure to spit on the doorknob for the next meat eater to grab because I’m quirky like that 🤪

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