Vegan pasta

I ate some edibles and had a significant increase in appetite. I found some chocolate sauce and mixed it with peanutbutter. Every pore on my body opened up and screamed. I have become one with the universe. There is no going back now. Here is slo mo what happened. It was in a small plastic dish container with the words “Chocolate Sweet Sauce” I’m so high I don’t know if that is the name or the description. Seriously can’t figure it out. The ingredients are Almonds and coconut and cocoa and stuff. Vegan stuff, which is why I am posting here. I feel like this is a safe place for secrets. The Chocolate Sauce which I am going to marry as soon as I find the name, I got it at the Origami? Outside? Outpost, The Outpost. Anyway the chocolate is gooey. Goonie Goo Goo gooey Gus. That’s how effin gooey this chocolate sus sussy sauce is.
LIke a watery fudge.
LIke a fudge smoothie.
It’s difficult to put into words that can only be experienced emotionally. Just nod even if you don’t understand.
Like a burn of a dark chocolate, like coffee because of the heat. But more of a plasma. Not solid like a candy bar or liquid drink, but drinkable but thicc.
Anyone else have any food secrets?

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