Vegeta’s speech to Goku (sorry if I didn’t get most parts right, so please correct me)

What’s the matter clown? Are you feeling angry? Humiliated? Is that it? YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HUMILIATION IS. Don’t worry I’ll teach you a better taste just as you and not me, a warrior elite. In my fingertips I hold the power to destroy whole entire worlds. I am a sayain royal blood and the last of my kind and on my shoulders hold the glory of the extincted warrior race. Whole civilizations once trembled at the sound of my name, but you didn’t, did you, Kakarot? And at your hands, your common hands, my honor and my pride, the foundations in which I only stood; would become to crumble at my feet. It was at your hands I suffered my first great humiliation, topped on by a piece of low level trash. Imagine my added shame that it was you and not me you had defeated Frieza. You, who were first to achieve the pinnacle of our race. The first in a thousand years to take among to take a place in the super sayains of legend, a place that I could raise to believe was my royal birth right. And then imagine the disgrace I suffered that I worked my whole life to acquire, was surpassed by a mere child. Your half breed son, 16, and where I, the prince of all sayains, had failed. It is time to take back what is mine, I will not live my life as your second. That time is over, every breath you take is an assault of my honor, but no more Kakarot. By my hands, you will be cut down inch by inch just like the way you’ve cut down my pride!

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