VELMA’S backstory

How do yall not get it through your heads that this ISNT scooby doo its someone’s creation Based on the characters it starts off telling you its VELMA’S backstory to THEIR universe they worked their ass off to make something and so many of you keep bitching and moaning that it’s not how you remember. It’s an adult show its not for children they physically couldn’t put scooby in it due for legal reasons. I’m getting sick of seeing these damn posts slamming on this show when it’s not that bad. All this does is break someone from wanting to create again quit gatekeeping animation because it’s not what you thought it was and grow the fuck up if you don’t like it? Cool shut the fuck up and let the rest of us enjoy it. If your angry because velma and shaggy are black your racist. Thats it. If your angry because velma is bi? Your homophobic period. Quit ranting to everyone how much you hate the show and just get over yourself.

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