I was a substitute teacher at the school my wife taught at. One day, I had a kid spend an entire two hours class period trying to convince me that Velocipastor was the greatest movie ever made. He went into detail and had a lot of examples and arguments. It was something to behold.

My wife taught seniors only and I subbed for whatever was needed, so she didn’t know a lot of the kids I came into contact with (it was a fairly large school).

When I told my wife about the strange interaction with the student and his extreme, almost unsettlingly eager, expression of this movie she instantly said, “Dammit, Ethan.”

Ya see, Ethan was one of my wife’s students and had been banned by multiple teachers from mentioning Velocipastor in any way. Which I thought was even funnier. This kid talks about the movie so much, he had been banned by more than one teacher from bringing it up. He would apparently bring it up in any context and then try and derail the lesson into convincing people the movie was amazing.

At the very least, this movie has one super fan.

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