Velocipussy Raptor

Having a massive dick. It’s at least 12ft long and I have to coil it around my legs like a sticky skipping rope. Often the other kids would bully me for gigantic shaft unfortunately my testicals and bellend are below average size and have resulted in my obtuse cock looking like a strangled half aborted pig chicken.

My mother and father spent a good 12 years of my life trying to foist me upon various adoption agencies but I was personally deemed a crime against humanity. I only found a semblance of happiness when I was 16 and visited a safari park for the first time. I became seduced by an anaconda with a luscious long neck dick like body eerily reminiscent of my plight. I name this beast, this Goliath of elongated flesh, Barbara and we became inseparable.

Every night I would sneak into Barbara’s cage and whistle and dance in serpentine formations to lure her to me. I grovelled before her and presented her various dead animals I had hunted down in the week and slapped to death with my fetid two ton shaft.

Soon however Barbara grew tired of our strange life together as she shrivelled and shrank like a wet balloon at the end of a birthday party thrown by an abusive parent. I saw this and with great luster and a hint of overwhelming depression sought to absorb her strength into my accursed shaft. Unfortunately it was at this moment, as I was trying shove a 9ft anaconda down my below average urethra the anaconda handler saw me and proceeded to beat me like a sack of shit against the wall. He beat me so hard I remembered with fondness how my father used to be beat me back in the day and I wept tears of sadness and joy.

My life has been one of empty pleasures since and often I wake in terror for fear that the essence of Barbara has overtaken my disgustingly huge monkey meat dick. But alas she shan’t return to me and I’ll never be adopted again.

It’s been a struggle having this burden to carry but one must look on the bright side of life and I have come to realise that whilst my epic dong has hindered me somewhat. Without it, I never would have learnt the true meaning of being beaten mercilessly by a zookeeper.

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