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*You just need to change this penetration — if you at least have even a little piece of value for your wife’s pleasure, about her sex karma, and how sex really works. Sex it’s not just a dick fullfilling a vagina. It also involves intimacy, trust, love, care. And in certain cases, even the creation of a new life (pregnancy). Do not stand there with the most cliché penetration possible and probably the least exciting, a penetration that is a tactic worthy of true beginners, if you at least is having a little pinch of salt of common sense and real love for your wife. Just buy a book of Kama Sutra positions, and train with an inflatable doll, which is also needed to be bought and are not very expensive in the sex shop. Once you feel that you are prepared enough to go with something real, your wife, just focus on the positions, and the speed. Both have charming members, and with real sensations, the porn is gold and earn millions. And both viewers and the couple will leaving winning out of it. Your woman will have real sensations, and you will take a weight off your back once you realize such a thing. And we spectators are going to be happy for each different excitements we feel with now such perfect, improved couple. Some will also leave happy out of it after a successive jerk off, so… that’s the only thing I say to you. Just cherish and enjoy the kind of body you have, because for once you lose, there is no turning back.*

**Lmfao fucker. It is no wonder she is still standing with me and NOT with YOU. You’re making speculations behind a screen of a computer or a cell phone and feeling expert with that. The real pleasure she knows she feels, otherwise I just would not be sending more and more porn. What do you think? If she really was not feeling pleasure and If I was doing it against her will, women have a lot more rights than men, and all she had to do was go to court and not a quantity of a few words that I would be already arrested and my channel here would be closed. But like I said it’s open, and I’m still having more and more and more sex with her. You also talk as if women are 100% defenseless of men. What the fuck do you think you’re talking about? We live in a first world country. Well, at least I think YOU live. Because at least the grammar really looks like an American, and if it is not, it’s very good. But the first essence that is THE PERSONALITY, and the act of getting things with your own sweat and not from others, you do not have. Put a honor in your ass, man. I do not even know if you are actually serious or not. Nobody is forced to like my porn, that’s an fact; if everyone had the same taste, the world would actually be pretty boring. But, look at the exaggeration you’re making. You want MY wife for you, claiming that she is not feeling real pleasure, and I am doing it against her will, if in fact If I really was, she could already have thrown me in prison for centuries. You must be the only one who can not have something of the same level or a similar level (a woman with a body like mine) and wants to rob those who have managed it with sweat and effort. And another, do you really think I have sex with her every day? The sex are currently minimal activities in our day, it’s not because we only post sex on a sex site, that we really only do sex. MOST of the time, I go out with her to picnic, to just wander around our big city, eat in a restaurant or just go to a movie theater and watch movies together. You, again, talk to me like If I were those punks, alienated teens who look at a girl, and the first thing they notice is her breasts swaying or a thigh parading. BULLSHIT. I am not the kind of men who see a woman as a mere object or a sexual monument. I currently respect them, and putting sex on a site exactly about sex, it’s not disrespect. EXPECT TO SEE SEX. And as your own self said, sex is not just penetrations. It involves trust, love, intimacy, etc. Sex is currently a normal thing, and only immature people are always astonished or laughing at things like that, because no one were born in this world because an bird brought it in a bag. You was once a sperm, and you won the race. But, still… I finished what I had to say. I am not obliged to give ALL details of my life to a internet stranger though, and other; my wife simply laughed when I showed your comment to her. If you want a wife with the same level of sex appeal, do it for yourself and do not try to take what is already from others. It will only show that you are a loser and as this is a place full of a lot more of other people, you will be motive of mockery. On the other hand, if you correct your mistake, it will prove your character and maturity and never that this would be an motive to get mockered. Even harder to make the mistake, is to turn it around and admit that it was wrong. You actually get more respect, that’s one of those psychological tricks for everyone around the same place like you, it is scientific study. As I said, sex appeal is also not the only thing, you need to have a girlfriend that sometimes currently can hear you, have affection, and also want to go with you to places, to do other fun things, etc. Relationship is a deep thing than most people think it is. Well, but, like I said, I’ll end up by now here. Bye, and have a good day. I’m not a counselor, therapist or something of the genre either, but you will not come to my video, send a shit like that here and expect me to be quiet and okay with it. But bye, NOW I’m really going… now I’m really going. Good luck in your life, little troll — you’ll need it.**

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