Verbose smash mouth

An anonymous figure once informed me to the fact that I was to be faced with trials and tribulation, and that I was not particularly intelligent or knowledgeable. However, her physical appearance was rather strange, as she had placed her thumb and forefinger unto her forehead, creating a shape resembling the letter L. For you see, the earth begins orbiting around the sun and does not cease to do so. Consumed by laws, I landed upon the terrestrial surface sprinting. It was not reasonable to simply exist for amusement, your brain becomes increasingly intelligent, yet, in an oxymoron of sorts, your head becomes less intelligent at the same time. There is much to accomplish and experience, therefore I must ask, is there an inherent problem with travelling via the back-roads? You will never be aware if you do not attempt, you will never radiate light if you do not reflect it from an outside source.

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