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Let me tell you, this document is the very best, all of the media, the fake news media, very fake, and the President of North Korea agrees, it is very fake, they all tell me wherever I go, fake news media they shout at the rallies, the rallies with record attendances I have been told, no other person has rallies this big, the media want to know how we do it, nobody can believe it, they are mad, renting seating from neighboring states, never seen anything like it, very strong support, Hillary is mad, no idea how we do it, the rallies, and that is why this document was written by me, with these hands, to talk about the lies, the lying media we call them, and believe me, they do lie, we all know it, they know it, the lies they tell us, this is destroying a great country, to be very clear, the media are to blame, fake lying media, only trusted media tell the truth, trying to lie and bring this great country down, and it is a great country, all the other leaders are jealous, jealous, very jealousy, no idea why we are so good, the best, best imports, great political talkers, agreers, best goods, the goodest goods which is why exports are all time high, lots of money, and I’ve done very well out of it, very good for me, the market highs, very good for me, good for the future, it’s a good future, for the good of the American people the best, not believing these Russia stories, the Russia links, air force one, my own plane, can you believe it, the record books can’t, the first president to have his own plane Josh tells me, and he’s an expert, top minds, CNN and the fake media lies, don’t believe it, CNN sell in Russia but the investigation won’t cover that, just watch, wait for it, the lies, Russia know it is false, they tell me on our calls, my good friend Putin calls, Putin our great friend, an admirer, he tells me Mr President, I am an admirer of what you do, he tells us the truth, that’s America, everyone in his circles is amazed at how successful we are, Putin says not to worry, the lies will be forgotten, the people won’t believe it, and what a great friend to us, they tell me they need American products, the best, and I should know, I think nobody made as much from business as me, great experience, tremendous experience, good money to be made, and we made it, no corruption until Hillary, they all want what we have, our system, our goods, and they are very good goods by the way, I was in a meeting and someone said we have the best goods, people stood and clapped, they love it, and I’ve done well, very well, they have nothing on us, we are very clean, great honesty, the advisors tell us they have never seen a president so honest, so why do they witch hunt, why put up with the lies, are they scared, easily scared these democrats, Hillary was easily scared, some say to me how she was scared, off the charts, that’s why they do it the fake news media, such little respect, gave other presidents an easy ride, like the movie with trikes, a real easy ride, maybe we should make that movie, movies so unoriginal, failing movies, low audiences, all at my rally, and they tell me, they are bored of the movies, we have the best but fake news media too busy lying to make movies, the actors we speak with, and we have connections, incredible deep connections, very close, incredibly close, they love us, they love us, they talk to us as friends, which we are, and they tell us they want new movie scripts, but they don’t get them, they just don’t get them, but we still make them, the movies, not like the media, we made a lot of good friends in the movies, high energy they say, why can’t others have your energy, they all support us, they ask why the media lie, and we don’t get it, they don’t get it, nobody gets it, all the meetings I speak with people, great allies, good business, they want our movies and our jeans, and they say it every day, they are amazed at our energy, how do we have this energy, crops, still industries in this great land, they love our products, we have the best, and the report is false, very false, our lawyers are looking at it and can’t believe the lies, no evidence, illegalness, full of lies they tell me in private, the treatment is sick, the most sick of any treatment, how dare they do it, treating innocent people like animals, monsters, and that’s the media, the border hating media, strong on the border, remember that folks, the so called media you might hear me talk about, this media, lying media, talking about some report, I haven’t read it, have you read it, the report, very secretive, unamerican, full of lies, cover to cover, I got a call saying it has more lies than pages, haven’t read it, haven’t read it.

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